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Hidden Waterful On a River Trip


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Backpacking on the Idaho Side of the Tetons








One suggestion we have for you is Guide to Idaho Paddling.


Ron Watters, who is in charge of the Outdoor Education program at Idaho State University and his wife Kathy Daly have finished a revised and expanded edition of Guide to Idaho Paddling. The new edition covers even more paddle trips.


More information about the book is found here: Guide to Idaho Paddling




Let's talk about Idaho padding . . .


Idaho has more whitewater river miles than anywhere in the lower 48 states. Feast your eyes on this: over 3,000 miles of whitewater! That's just in Idaho.


Idaho Wild Rivers License Plate

Whitewater is so important to the state that Idaho even has a license plate dedicated to wild rivers.


Here's another factoid: Idaho also has more multi-day whitewater trips than anywhere in the lower 48.




Teton River



Teton River. This is the perfect balance to the North Fork of the Payette. The Teton River is a relaxed, easy-going stretch of water with glorous views of the Idaho side of the Tetons.














There are more rivers, of course, but this gives you a picture of the incredible paddling opportunities in the state of Idaho. It truly is the nation's whitewater state!


Plenty of Classes & Opportunities to Enjoy Rivers at Idaho State


At Idaho State University, we have Kayaking, Kayak Touring and Swiftwater Rescue courses are taught by American Canoe Association certified teachers. We also have fun, recreational trips to rivers throughout Idaho and the western states.


Some previous kayaking students have gone on to excel competitively including World Freestyle Champion Eric Southwick.


Below instructor Dana Olson runs a whitewater rapid on Idaho's River of No Return, one of the many famous whitewater rivers found in the state.


Dana Kayaking





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